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I Have The Legs Of an Old Man (and he doesn't want them back)

Why, oh why, do I not do more exercise? I really want to, and I even enjoy it on the rare occasions that I do partake, but I just don't do so often enough. Let me explain, yesterday was a very long day for me, I was in Coventry (the bellybutton of the UK) which was a bad start. I was there to remove 19 plasma screens from the walls of the University, and I had only one day in which to get it done as we had contractors on site to do the spanner jobs. Coventry University is a sprawling campus in the centre of the city, and the screens were in many different buildings across the campus. What Coventry has in abundance is grey concrete, what it has a shortage of is parking spaces. The result of all of this was that I had to carry the plasma screens + bracket + pc back to the van from the screen location. In some cases this was less than 20 metres, in others it was about 400 metres, up or down flights of stairs and generally too far. The screens are heavy, very heavy, about 50KG in fact and by the time I had loaded 5 of them into the van I thought my arms were going to drop off. Stepping up into the van carring the screens became painful as my arms and legs started to buckle under the strain. The worst bit was that I couldn't slow down, because that would hold the contractors up, and they wanted to finish so they could drive the three hours back up the M6 to Manchester for the football. I was desperate to sit down and have a rest, but my conciense would not let me.

So taday I woke up, knowing I was going to be in pain, but hoping that if I didn't move I could avoid it. I did move, I had to go to work, and it did hurt, and now I am walking like a robotic extra from Doctor Who. How very unhappy am I!


At 23/6/06 11:06, Anonymous oldmanlincoln said...

I have no idea what a plasma screen is but it sounds like carrying them around is hard work. I am oldmanlincoln from www.oldmanlincoln.com that you just visited. I left ModBlog a long time ago and went to EFx2 but retain this website you visited as it is important to me. Thanks for coming by.


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